Associate Professor Gregor Devine

I am a medical entomologist with a focus on applied ecology and the development of innovative approaches to vector control. I have a strong background in operational research and research translation in disease endemic settings. I have 20 years of experience in pest management and 10 years in vector control and ecology in South America, East Africa and North Queensland. I study vectors of malaria and dengue with an emphasis on transmission, ecology, behaviour and the development of practicable control and surveillance tools. In June 2013, I became head of the refurbished mosquito control laboratory at QIMR Berghofer. The focus of our group is to characterize, monitor and control the entomological determinants of arbovirus and malaria transmission. Much of this work is  facilitated by our unique PC2 and PC3 insectaries, our unique collection of mosquito strains and arthropod-borne viruses, and our network of collaborators in Asia and the Americas. We retain strong links to Queensland state and local government via the Mosquito and Arbovirus Research Committee, Queensland, of which I am president.

Session 8: Vector control and vaccines
Wednesday 5 April
Chair: Professor Paul Young

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