Mr Jason Gale

Jason Gale is a senior editor in Sydney with the international news organization Bloomberg News. A former commodities reporter, he switched to covering health via avian flu in 2005, and has been writing and editing stories about drug-resistant infections for a decade. 

He was the first journalist to write about the emergence of artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in Indochina; widespread oseltamivir resistance in H1N1 seasonal flu; and the small, but growing risk of sepsis from transrectal prostate biopsies due to drug-resistant commensal bacteria. 

Last year, he edited a series of stories from India on intensive poultry production that revealed widespread dependence on antibiotics to counter poor sanitation and hygiene on farms. More recently, he was part of a team that showed how illegal trade practices risk exposing consumers to antibiotics and resistant bacteria through contaminated aquaculture products. 

An Arts graduate who grew up on a dairy farm, Jason's stories have been cited by more than 50 scientific publications.

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Monday 3 April

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