Associate Professor Gilda Tachedjian

A/Prof Tachedjian is a virologist combining basic, translational and clinical research to identify and develop novel antiviral strategies to prevent and control human viral pathogens including HIV. A/Prof Tachedjian has made major contributions towards understanding the function and role of reverse transcriptase in HIV replication, characterizing drug resistance mutations in the HIV reverse transcriptase including mutations that are now used in genotyping algorithms to predict drug resistance, the preclinical and clinical development of topical microbicides to prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, identification of a vaginal microbiota metabolite with potent HIV virucidal activity and immune modulatory activity on cervicovaginal epithelial cells, and the discovery of a new class of  reverse transcriptase inhibitors for HIV treatment and prevention. A new area of interest is the identification and characterization of retroviruses and intracellular restriction factors in bats, which are a major reservoir of viral pathogens that harbor human pathogens without showing symptoms of disease.

Session 6: Alternate therapies
Tuesday 4 April
Chair: Professor Liz Harry

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